Tips to Make Your Website Unique

Keep your site updated regularly and keep people coming back.
Make your site unique by using different background and font colours, font sizes and types.
Create different pages for the different themes and topics of your website.
Always place a link to your homepage on each page.
Avail of our shared images or spread your own out on your whole site.
Let your site visitors easily contact you! Use the new contact page templates.
When placing large images on your site use our scale image option, this way site visitors can clearly see the map!
Use the share by text feature – you get 3 free text credits. This text includes your site address – so people can visit your site at the click of a button!
Promote your site! Some tips to get you started:
– Place a note on your PC website.
– Include the mobile site address in your email signature.
– Start using your domain name so people will recognise it’s a mobile website.
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Remember that we are always here to help at
Remember to publish all your site updates.
Please report any misuse on the system. We monitor all content but just in case we miss something, please help us to monitor usage!
Remember, when you purchase credits, it’s 100% secure! You don’t have to have a PayPal account – you can make a credit card payment on line as well.

Don’t place really large images on your mobile site:
– it takes a long time to download them on your phone;
– depending on your mobile operator it could be costly;
Don’t link to a non mobile website if you can avoid it, it may not be the best user experience!
Don’t add lots of images on the same page, give people the option to navigate around your site.
Don’t have multiple link levels – it will confuse your site visitors.
Don’t place over 18’s content on your site! This is not the place for it now!
Don’t forget your users will look for specific information on your mobile website, keep it relevant and to the point.
Don’t forget to register with a valid email address as this will be used to send all site interactions to you.
Don’t place unsuitable content on your site as it may be costly to download.