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Customized Sheet Metal Stamping Box For Communication Equipment

29 Sep 16
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Customized Sheet Metal Stamping Box For Communication Equipment Size Of Panel: Customized
Material: Sheet Metal Surface Treatment: Painting
Process Type: Stamping Die Color: Natural Or Black
Application: Communication Equipment

Customized Sheet Metal Stamping Box For Communication Equipment



DH Have Strong capability of self-research and self-innovation, can provide one stop service from initial design to through prototype to finished products.




Technical Parameter for metal stamping die Part name Communication Equipment
Panel Size Customized
material Metal steel
Process Order-Design moulds→ confirm samples→ purchase material→ blanking→ punching→ welding/bending→ forming→ surface treatment→ Inspection→ assemble products→ Package
Surface treatment Polishing, chrome plating, zinc plating, nickel plating, anodize, powder coating, aluminum oxide, brushing.
Thickness Customize
Tolerance 0.05-0.1mm or per customers request
Mold material Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, copper, brass, etc.
mold Life 300,000shots
Quality control 1.ISO9001:2008 Certificate

2. 100% during production check and random samples before shipment.

Our Facilities Wire-cut, electric discharge master(EDM), CNC machining center, high speed punch, bending machine, injection machine etc,and CMM, tool microscope, projector, height gauge to assure good quality high quality.
Packing Plastic bag, EPE, carton,Carton,Wooden Case or as per the customer’ s requirement
Lead time 7-15days per part size and structure.
Payment 30% in advance,70% before shipment, samples 100% in advance





1. Stamping High efficiency, and easy to operate, easy to implement mechanization and automation. This

is because stamping dies and stamping equipment rely on to complete the process, the general press

trips up dozens of times per minute, the pressure to speed up or even hundreds of times more than a

thousand times per minute, and each punching stroke on You may get a punch member.


2. To ensure that the press due to the size and shape of the mold precision stampings, and generally do

not damage the surface quality of stamping, and die life is generally longer, so the quality is stable

stamping, interchangeability, with “identical” features.


3. Stamping processed a greater range of sizes, shapes more complex parts, such as small as watches

stopwatch, large car rails, cover, etc., plus cold deformation hardening effect of material when

punching, punching strength and rigidity are high.


4. Stamping chips generally do not generate scrap less material consumption, and does not require

additional heating equipment, so it is a material saving, low-cost energy-saving processing methods,



Advantages for DH:


1.  Competitive price with good quality.

2.  Through more than 15 years efforts, we have built a reputation  for providing quality products

3.  On time delivery ,personal attention and competitive price for many customers, this credit has

brought many repeat customers all over the world.

4.  Low MOQ ( is even acceptable in some spe )

5.  Customized size and spec / OEM available




1.  Car body, fuel tank, underpan , radiator fin, clips etc

2.  Motor iron core silicon steel sheel etc

3.  Instrument vessel shell etc

4.  Computer case, Metal desk to use, LED Housing etc

5.  Home appliance , living Containers, Accessories etc.

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