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RJ11 Plug to RJ45 Telephone jack / Extension Telephone Cord / Telephone Adapter

22 Nov 16
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Detailed Product Description
Type: Adapter Material:: PVC / ABS
Color: Black / Beige Application:: Other
Gender: Female


RJ11 Plug to RJ45 Telephone jack  /  Extension Telephone Cord / Telephone Adapter



Product brief description: 
1. Telephone adapter
2. L=1000mm

Product detailed description:
Product name: telephone adapter   telephone male head turn call mother seat
Type: RJ11
Plug: Modular jack contact spring
Color: beige
Packing: 10 PCS/bag
Material: line (BC/CCS) (28awg / 30 awg) Glue shell (ABS)
The contact point: FU ‘3 u’ 6 u ’15 u’ 30 u ’50u’ (in accordance with the customer’s request) (gold-plated is higher, the higher the price)





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Telephone Line Tester Custom Networking Hardware Tools for ISDN Line , ADSL Line

22 Nov 16
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Telephone Line Tester Custom Networking Hardware Tools for ISDN Line , ADSL Line



Quick Detail:


1. telephone function Dial, Ring, Talk

2. Mute

3. Tone/Pulse

4. High voltage protection

5. Polarity indication Butt set

6.Telecom Line Identifying (Telephone line, ISDN line, ADSL line)

7. Solid new materials for shell,Waterproof and vibration proof





Telephone Line Tester


This Line Tester is a multi-functional tester. Thanks to its dumbbell shape, it can be put on the shoulder during operation, which successfully enables the operator to do other work conveniently at the same time. What is more, the operator can even go climbing as it can be hung in the tool belt of waist by the pothook. Regarding the material of shell, it adopts Polycarbonate material which has high shock/drop resistance and waterproof, dustproof, anti-break and high reliability.


Operation environment
Temperature: -10℃~55℃
Relative humidity: 10%~95%
Noise: ≤60dB
Atmospheric pressure: 86~106Kpa

1. Common telephone function: Dial, Ring, Talk
2. Mute
3. T/P switch
4. High voltage protection (by fuse)
5. Polarity indication by LED
6. Volume adjust
7. Pause
8. Store phone number
9. Monitoring function
10. Last number redial
11. Telecom Line Identifying (Telephone line, ISDN line, ADSL line)




Telephone line tester, Telephone line, ISDN line, ADSL line


6.5″ Bass Wood Box Home Cinema Speakers Bookshelf Speaker 20 ~ 150W

22 Nov 16
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Detailed Product Description
Launch Date: 2015 Speaker Type: Bookself Speaker
Speaker Body Material: Wooded / Handmade Bass: 6.5 Inch X 1
Sensitivity: 89dB±3 Requency Response: 40hz-25khz
Speaker Power(Min): 20~150W/8Ω Set / Pair: 2 Units Speaker
Warranty: 24 Months Dimensions: 37cm X 26cm X 32.5cmx25cm

Best Selling 6.5″ Bass Wood Box Bookself Speaker 20 ~150W For Home Cinema Systems



Speakers determine the overall sound quality of your system, so it’s worth the time to listen to several models before making a decision. The most important factors in choosing a speaker are personal preference, speaker type and the stereo components you will use to power your speakers.

Sound Quality is a Personal Decision
Sound quality is a very personal judgment, like cars, food or wine. Everyone’s tastes are different. There is no “best” speaker, only the one that is best for you. When you shop for speakers, listen to several models with familiar music. Take your favorite discs with you when you shop and identify speakers that sound good to you. Your experience in listening to live music is a good gauge to evaluate speakers. The speaker should sound natural to your ears, have balanced tone quality and should be easy to listen to for long periods. Don’t feel rushed, listen to a speaker several times before making a final decision.
Types of Speakers
There are many types of speakers: floorstanding, bookshelf, satellite, in-wall and on-wall models. Your choice should be based on personal preference. Here’s a summary of each type: floorstanding and bookshelf speakers generally have the best overall sound because the speakers and enclosures are performance matched. They take floor space, a consideration for some homeowners. Satellite speakers are very small speakers that are used with a Subwoofer and take much less space. In-Wall speakers have good sound and the grills can be painted to match the walls. On-wall speakers are very popular with flat-panel televisions.
Correctly Matching Speakers with Components
A speaker should be matched with an amplifier or receiver with the right amount of power for the best performance. Manufacturers usually specify a range of amplifier power necessary to properly power the speaker. For example, the speaker may require a range from 30-100 watts of output power to operate well, so use this specification as a guideline.
Additional Things to Consider:
After you get your speakers home, take the time to correctly connect, install and place the speakers to get the best performance. A little patience now pays off in the long run.



Frequency response 40Hz ~ 25KHz
Distortion level 65Hz ~ 20KHz ≤ 1%
Nominal impedance 8ohm
Sensitivity 89db±3
Output 20~150 watts Dynamic power
Bass 6.5inch x 1
Treble 1 inch x 1
Size 37cm x 26cm x 32.5cmx25cm