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VHF wireless rf repeater communications equipment booster amplifier

26 Dec 16
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VHF wireless rf repeater communications equipment booster amplifier

VHF rf repeater communication equipment Features:

1.Advanced and scientific design of low noise circuit, high sensitivity.
2.ALC Automatic Control and reflex protection circuit,prevent accidental burnout.
3.Adopting advanced LDMOS power amplifier with high linearity and low intermodulation, the linearity and intermodulation indexes of whole machine are excellent.
4.Perfect Local and remote network monitoring, has initiative alarm function, and parameters can be inquired and set.
5.Supply charging power and backup battery to ensure fault information timely report in time of machine outage, convenient for timely maintain.
6.Crate accord with IP55 protection and high heat-dissipation design, able to work outdoor all-weather.

7. Waterproof design work for all weather indoor and outdoor.



TheVHFwireless RF repeater(also known as VHF wireless bi-directional signal amplifier ) isapply to VHF interphone communication system and trunking communication system signal coverage extension.


Technical Specifications:


Items Testing Condition Specification
Uplink Downlink
Working Frequency(MHz) Nominal Frequency 130-170 orCustomize 130-170 orCustomize
Gain(dB) Nominal Output Power-5dB 85±3 t0 95±3Customize
Output Power (dBm) VHF modulating signal 0.5-5Customize 0.5-20Customize
ALC (dBm) Input Signal add 20dB Po≤±1
Noise Figure (dB) Working in-band(Max. Gain) ≤5
Ripple in-band (dB) Nominal Output Power -5dB ≤3
Frequency Tolerance (ppm) Nominal Output Power ≤0.05
Time Delay (us) Working in-band ≤5
Peak Phase Error(°) Working in-band ≤20
RMS Phase Error (°) Working in-band ≤5
GainAdjustment Range(dB) Nominal Output Power -5dB ≥25/1dB step
Gain Adjustable Linear(dB) 10dB Nominal Output Power -5dB ±1.0
20dB Nominal Output Power -5dB ±1.0
30dB Nominal Output Power -5dB ±1.5
Out of Band rejection(dBc) Out of Band edge f≥600KHz ≥30
Out of Band edge f≥1MHz ≥45
Out of Band edge f≥5MHz ≥55
Inter-modulation Attenuation (dBc) Working in-band ≤-45
Spurious Emission(dBm) 9kHz-1GHz BW:30KHz ≤-36
1GHz-12.75GHz BW:30KHz ≤-30
VSWR BS/MS Port ≤1.5
I/OPort N-Female
Impedance 50ohm
Operating Temperature -25°C~+55°C
Relative Humidity Max. 95%
MTBF Min. 100000 hours
Power Supply DC-48V/AC220V(50Hz)/AC110V(60Hz)( ±15%)
Remote Monitoring Function Real-time alarm for Door Status, Temperature, Power Supply, VSWR, Output Power
Remote Control Module RS232 or RJ45 + Wireless Modem + Chargeable Li-ion Battery

Classic Car Parts Car Speaker Accessories Foam Facing Speaker Foam Ring

26 Dec 16
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Classic Car Parts Foam Facing Speaker Foam Ring ,Car Speaker Accessories




Product Name Foam Rubber Car Speaker Foam Ring Raw Material Foam rubber
Size Of Panel 19.5cm X 19.5cm

( Accept Customerization)

Foam rubber Color Black
Thickness 2.5 cm Surface Rough / Wave
Standard CE Application Speaker
Function prevent the proliferation of sound quality absorb the door echo enhance
the speaker sound effect
Packing Pair/box OEM Highly welcome




This speaker ring used to prevent the proliferation of sound quality, absorb the door echo, enhance


the speaker sound effect. Improve the sound quality and Protect speaker.




environmental protection, not volatilize harmful substances to human body.The design of the open hole


foam, can effectively discharge water, bad situation of corrosion inhibition of freezes in winter and


summer, ensure products are durable.


6.5″ Bass Wood Box Home Cinema Speakers Bookshelf Speaker 20 ~ 150W

26 Dec 16
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Best Selling 6.5″ Bass Wood Box Bookself Speaker 20 ~150W For Home Cinema Systems



Speakers determine the overall sound quality of your system, so it’s worth the time to listen to several models before making a decision. The most important factors in choosing a speaker are personal preference, speaker type and the stereo components you will use to power your speakers.

Sound Quality is a Personal Decision
Sound quality is a very personal judgment, like cars, food or wine. Everyone’s tastes are different. There is no “best” speaker, only the one that is best for you. When you shop for speakers, listen to several models with familiar music. Take your favorite discs with you when you shop and identify speakers that sound good to you. Your experience in listening to live music is a good gauge to evaluate speakers. The speaker should sound natural to your ears, have balanced tone quality and should be easy to listen to for long periods. Don’t feel rushed, listen to a speaker several times before making a final decision.
Types of Speakers
There are many types of speakers: floorstanding, bookshelf, satellite, in-wall and on-wall models. Your choice should be based on personal preference. Here’s a summary of each type: floorstanding and bookshelf speakers generally have the best overall sound because the speakers and enclosures are performance matched. They take floor space, a consideration for some homeowners. Satellite speakers are very small speakers that are used with a Subwoofer and take much less space. In-Wall speakers have good sound and the grills can be painted to match the walls. On-wall speakers are very popular with flat-panel televisions.
Correctly Matching Speakers with Components
A speaker should be matched with an amplifier or receiver with the right amount of power for the best performance. Manufacturers usually specify a range of amplifier power necessary to properly power the speaker. For example, the speaker may require a range from 30-100 watts of output power to operate well, so use this specification as a guideline.
Additional Things to Consider:
After you get your speakers home, take the time to correctly connect, install and place the speakers to get the best performance. A little patience now pays off in the long run.



Frequency response 40Hz ~ 25KHz
Distortion level 65Hz ~ 20KHz ≤ 1%
Nominal impedance 8ohm
Sensitivity 89db±3
Output 20~150 watts Dynamic power
Bass 6.5inch x 1
Treble 1 inch x 1
Size 37cm x 26cm x 32.5cmx25cm

F Male To F Male RF Cable Assemblies 1GHz Frequency For Communication Equipment

07 Dec 16
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F Male To F Male RF Cable Assemblies 1GHz Frequency For Communication Equipment


Detail Product Description


Frequency: 0 ~1 GHz

S.W.R: 2.0 Max.

Impedance: 75 ohm

Cable: RG 179 Cable, Brown

Connector: F Connector Male; F Connector Male




1. Wireless industries

2. Communication equipment

3. Base stations

4. Telecom

5. Test and measurement




A. Electrical Characteristics
Frequency DC~1GHz
Impedance 75 ohm
S.W.R 2.0 MAX @ 0~1GHz
Return Loss >=10dB
Insertion Loss <=1.5dB
B. Material & Mechanical Characteristics
Cable Type RG 179 Cable
Connector Type F Connector Male
Pull Test >= 5.0Kg
C. Environmental
Operation Temperature – 40 ˚C ~ + 65 ˚C
Storage Temperature – 40 ˚C ~ +80˚C

Characteristics and Reliability Test


Customized Sheet Metal Stamping Box For Communication Equipment

07 Dec 16
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Customized Sheet Metal Stamping Box For Communication Equipment


DH Have Strong capability of self-research and self-innovation, can provide one stop service from initial design to through prototype to finished products.


Technical Parameter for metal stamping die Part name Communication Equipment
Panel Size Customized
material Metal steel
Process Order-Design moulds→ confirm samples→ purchase material→ blanking→ punching→ welding/bending→ forming→ surface treatment→ Inspection→ assemble products→ Package
Surface treatment Polishing, chrome plating, zinc plating, nickel plating, anodize, powder coating, aluminum oxide, brushing.
Thickness Customize
Tolerance 0.05-0.1mm or per customers request
Mold material Steel, stainless steel,aluminum, zinc, copper, brass, etc.
mold Life 300,000shots
Quality control 1.ISO9001:2008 Certificate

2. 100% during production check and random samples before shipment.

Our Facilities Wire-cut, electric discharge master(EDM), CNC machining center, high speed punch, bending machine, injection machine etc,and CMM, tool microscope, projector, height gauge to assure good quality high quality.
Packing Plastic bag, EPE, carton,Carton,Wooden Case or as per the customer’ s requirement
Lead time 7-15days per part size and structure.
Payment 30% in advance,70% before shipment, samples 100% in advance




1. Stamping High efficiency, and easy to operate, easy to implement mechanization and automation. This

is because stamping dies and stamping equipment rely on to complete the process, the general press

trips up dozens of times per minute, the pressure to speed up or even hundreds of times more than a

thousand times per minute, and each punching stroke on You may get a punch member.


2. To ensure that the press due to the size and shape of the mold precision stampings, and generally do

not damage the surface quality of stamping, and die life is generally longer, so the quality is stable

stamping, interchangeability, with “identical” features.


3. Stamping processed a greater range of sizes, shapes more complex parts, such as small as watches

stopwatch, large car rails, cover, etc., plus cold deformation hardening effect of material when

punching, punching strength and rigidity are high.


4. Stamping chips generally do not generate scrap less material consumption, and does not require

additional heating equipment, so it is a material saving, low-cost energy-saving processing methods,



100M Female RJ45 Modular Jack For Communication Equipments XMH-01D-E-LB3-1-770

07 Dec 16
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100M Female RJ45 Modular Jack For Communication Equipments XMH-01D-E-LB3-1-770
Quick Details
1.HUB, PC card, Switch, Router
2.PC Mainboard, SDH, PDH, IP Phone, xDSL modem
3. Printed Circuit Board networking and communication equipments
4. packing: tray or tape&reel

1 X 1 Sigle Port Female RJ 45 Modular Plugs , 100M RJ 45 Connectors

1X1 Tab-up 10/100M RJ45 connector with leds, dimension: XMH-01D-E-LB3-1-770
1. Product Type Features:
1) Product Type = Connector
2) Jack Type = RJ45
3) Profile = Standard
4) PCB Mounting Orientation = SMT
2. Mechanical Attachment:
1) Jack Configuration = 1 x 1
3. Electrical Characteristics:
1) Shielded = Yes
4. Termination Related Features:
1) EMI Finger – Bottom = Without
2) Termination Method = Solder
5. Body Related Features:
1) Port Configuration = Single/Multi
2) EMI Fingers -Top and Sides = With/ Without
3) Latch Orientation = Standard – Latch Down
4) PCB Tail Length
6. Contact Related Features:
1) Preloaded = Yes
2) Contact Termination Type = Through Hole/Surface Mount
7. Housing Related Features:
1) Connector Style = Jack
8. Industry Standards:
1) RoHS/ELV Compliance = RoHS compliant, ELV compliant
2) Lead Free Solder Processes = Wave solder capable to 240°C,
Wave solder capable to 260°C, Wave solder capable to 265°C
3) RoHS/ELV Compliance History = Always was RoHS compliant
9. Identification Marking:
1) Left LED Color (Position #1) = Green – 250 ohm resistor
2) Right LED Color (Position #2) = Green – 250 ohm resistor
10. Conditions for Usage:
1) Applies To = Printed Circuit Board
2) Environmental Conditions = Office / Premises
3) Operating Temperature (°C ) = 0 – 70/-40 – +85
Used for networking and communication equipments such as HUB, PC card, Switch, Router, PC Mainboard, SDH, PDH, IP Phone, xDSL modem
Competitive Advantage:
16 years production experience,
2600 staff,
100% test
Flexible delivery time