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VHF wireless rf repeater communications equipment booster amplifier

26 Dec 16
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VHF wireless rf repeater communications equipment booster amplifier

VHF rf repeater communication equipment Features:

1.Advanced and scientific design of low noise circuit, high sensitivity.
2.ALC Automatic Control and reflex protection circuit,prevent accidental burnout.
3.Adopting advanced LDMOS power amplifier with high linearity and low intermodulation, the linearity and intermodulation indexes of whole machine are excellent.
4.Perfect Local and remote network monitoring, has initiative alarm function, and parameters can be inquired and set.
5.Supply charging power and backup battery to ensure fault information timely report in time of machine outage, convenient for timely maintain.
6.Crate accord with IP55 protection and high heat-dissipation design, able to work outdoor all-weather.

7. Waterproof design work for all weather indoor and outdoor.



TheVHFwireless RF repeater(also known as VHF wireless bi-directional signal amplifier ) isapply to VHF interphone communication system and trunking communication system signal coverage extension.


Technical Specifications:


Items Testing Condition Specification
Uplink Downlink
Working Frequency(MHz) Nominal Frequency 130-170 orCustomize 130-170 orCustomize
Gain(dB) Nominal Output Power-5dB 85±3 t0 95±3Customize
Output Power (dBm) VHF modulating signal 0.5-5Customize 0.5-20Customize
ALC (dBm) Input Signal add 20dB Po≤±1
Noise Figure (dB) Working in-band(Max. Gain) ≤5
Ripple in-band (dB) Nominal Output Power -5dB ≤3
Frequency Tolerance (ppm) Nominal Output Power ≤0.05
Time Delay (us) Working in-band ≤5
Peak Phase Error(°) Working in-band ≤20
RMS Phase Error (°) Working in-band ≤5
GainAdjustment Range(dB) Nominal Output Power -5dB ≥25/1dB step
Gain Adjustable Linear(dB) 10dB Nominal Output Power -5dB ±1.0
20dB Nominal Output Power -5dB ±1.0
30dB Nominal Output Power -5dB ±1.5
Out of Band rejection(dBc) Out of Band edge f≥600KHz ≥30
Out of Band edge f≥1MHz ≥45
Out of Band edge f≥5MHz ≥55
Inter-modulation Attenuation (dBc) Working in-band ≤-45
Spurious Emission(dBm) 9kHz-1GHz BW:30KHz ≤-36
1GHz-12.75GHz BW:30KHz ≤-30
VSWR BS/MS Port ≤1.5
I/OPort N-Female
Impedance 50ohm
Operating Temperature -25°C~+55°C
Relative Humidity Max. 95%
MTBF Min. 100000 hours
Power Supply DC-48V/AC220V(50Hz)/AC110V(60Hz)( ±15%)
Remote Monitoring Function Real-time alarm for Door Status, Temperature, Power Supply, VSWR, Output Power
Remote Control Module RS232 or RJ45 + Wireless Modem + Chargeable Li-ion Battery

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