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Driving Recorder GPS device

Black Vehicle Traveling Driving Recorder GPS device support GSM GPRS communication modes

20 Mar 17
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Vehicle Traveling Driving Recorder GPS device support GSM GPRS communication modes
I System introduction
GPS Vehicle traveling recorder is a set of the high performance MCU which consists of our many years’ vehicle electronic experiences, and the high researching and developing teams, it isa digital and electric recording device which records and stores driving speed, time, mileage and other information about vehicle driving and could export data through interface. Interior integrate the GPS module and GPRS/CDMA communication module, it could be upload the location information, over-speed, fatigue driving, doubtful data, dispatching the letter information, uploading the photos etc through GPRS / CDMA. GPS vehicle traveling recorder also named DB44 all in one device.
Working principle:
when the vehicle is moving, the GPS Vehicle traveling recorder receives satellite (GPS) signals to obtain information such as longitude, latitude, altitude, time, speed, direction and satellite service conditions through calculation, and transmits the aforesaid information to the remote scheduling and monitoring center (or data center) with GPRS/CDMA network, and then the vehicle administration department conducts real-time remote scheduling, monitoring and management through a website which integrates GIS electronic map or through a GPS scheduling, monitoring and management software.
Application area:
With compacted structure, our GPS Vehicle traveling recorderis installed easily, and enjoys high stability, high performance and price ratio and low power consumption. Being available for external SOS key, oil and power failure trigger switch, monitor MIC, handset, camera or oil flow sensor, vehicle driving recorder and navigator, etc., it is suitable for logistics industry, long-distance highway passenger transportation, hazardous materials transportation, bus company, vehicle leasing industry and taxi trade.

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