About Us

TONGYO Technology is one of the leading professional rechargeable lithium battery manufacturers in China, established in 2003,As a professional power battery expert, we not only provide customers high quality batteries, but also our senior engineers provide you correct power solution and design for applications according to your products.


We have a strong R & D team with experience engineers always continuously research and develop new products, Our products cover the following series: High-rate(LiFePO4) battery, Lithium ion polymer battery(Li-ion), Lithium iron phosphate battery(LiFePO4), High capacity power battery.The products are all CE, UL and ROSH certified. To guarantee product reliability, quality and superb performance, TONGYU has adopted and practiced the ISO9001 Quality Management system, uses only the best grade imported and local raw materials & components and utilizes numerous advanced automatic production facilities.



When playing games or working on your phones. You are always in need of some high power battery backup for your cell phones, tablets, and other power gadgets. There are many lithium ion batteries manufacturer available in the market but Tongyu batteries lies on the first position.


Tongyo came into being in 2003, facing a real high competition among its competitors Tongyu proved itself to be at the edge in battery manufacturing technology. It produces a very vast and complete range of batteries included in your daily life products. Like it produces Batteries for UPS, Generators and power saving batteries (Wind energy and solar energy).We do Also offer emergency light batteries, Electric bicycles battery, E-golf trolley batteries, Electric motorcycles battery, lawn cart battery, LiFePO4 batteries Cleaner battery in short we offer all batteries regarding your power and energy solutions.


Moreover when working with smart phones you always needs to be careful about the battery time through which your cell phone is being gauged and compared with other cell phones is mostly just because of good battery life. Tongyu offering you batteries those have a higher sensitivity and consumer ability is evenly not compromising in any case.


It’s pretty good to search for a better battery manufacturer and supplier in the market, but surely you will find none better other than Tongyu Lithium ion batteries manufacturer. The reason behind this is that we have some high quality certifications which cannot be obtained easily.


We have a team of a dedicated workforce and providing optimum results from their capabilities and maintaining some good reputation for its customers. We spent a lot more money in research work as we always keen to know about the new inventions and innovations; we need to have a better space.