Tips to Find the Motivation to Complete Your Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss is something people fight with each day. It’s difficult and, if you were to conduct a survey as to why losing weight is so hard, the majority of the people who fail to lose weight would say it’s because they lack the willpower required to be successful. If you’re someone that has a hard time mustering up the willpower to lose weight, I am going to share three tips to help you with your willpower.

Announce It to Everyone you are on a Venus Factor Diet

What this means is to make others aware that you are attempting to lose weight with the Venus Factor program. Making the announcement is pretty easy as you can post it on Facebook, you can begin to blog about it, begin a Venus Factor video diary and post it on Facebook or YouTube.

By making others aware of your weight loss ambitions, you are also going to be motivated to post updates on your progress. Your progress to losing weight could be real motivation for others to lose weight. The thought that you could set an example for someone should be a great way for you to feel motivation. A side benefit to announcing your weight loss intentions to the worlds is, as you lose weight, you will have a lot of people cheering for you and congratulating you on your success. That’s even more motivation to lose weight.

Set Yourself Up For Small Wins

Try not setting yourself up for failure. Instead of saying that you need to lose 100 pounds, begin with a more manageable goal of, say, 20 pounds. It’s just too overwhelming to look at the big picture sometimes and, the fact is, smaller wins add up to big results. Each time you reach a goal, it provides you with further motivation, and so after five small wins of 20 pounds lost, you will have achieved your overall goal of 100 pounds.

Reap The Rewards Of Success

After you have reached your weight loss goal, you should take the time and do something you would normally never do for yourself. As an example, if you’ve want to have your hair or your nails done, once you reach a goal, treat yourself to that luxury as a way of rewarding yourself. By doing this, you are giving yourself something extra, outside of the weight you lost, to work towards. Another thing you could do is to buy yourself some new clothes but buy them so that you have to go down a size or two in order to put them on. When you reach your goal, you can reward yourself by wearing your new clothes.

My Closing Thoughts

Weight loss can be a very difficult journey. However, it will be well worth the effort because you will find that the thinner, healthier you will be more confident and full of energy. Besides all of the popular benefits associated with weight loss, it’s time for you to realize that your health and well-being is worth the work. You’re going to need to put in to lose the weight you want with the Venus Factor.

There is no reason that you can’t get started on the road to a better you right now.

Helpful Tips on How to Get Over a Breakup

Understanding how to deal with a break up is important information. You don’t necessarily want to burn bridges. If you were with that person for a long time, then they may remain very special to you. You may want to reconsider patching things up with them if you still think there is some magic and desire still left. Don’t cut them out of your life unless, of course, being around them isn’t safe.

my-relationsship-adviceYou can create your distance, but keep in mind that you likely have plenty of mutual friends. Don’t make anyone choose sides as that can really cause plenty of tensions. You can show that you can be friendly to each other at gatherings, and that will put everyone around the two of you at ease. Giving them space is the first step in trying to work things out if possible.

Emotions can run very high when there is a breakup, so give yourself time to deal with them. You may be happy about the situation at times, and then have lots of anxiety about it later. You may feel angry and bitter at times and then focus on the good times later on. You have to allow yourself to explore how you really feel so as to evaluate the reasons for the separation.

Being honest with yourself is how to deal with a breakup. Don’t make excuses for your ex if you have valid reasons for no longer being with them. By the same token, don’t blame them for everything that went wrong. Be willing to admit your role in the situation so that you don’t repeat such mistakes in future relationships.

Turn to those that you can count on for support after a breakup. Don’t talk bad about your ex through or allow them to. Just let them know you need someone to be there for them and to hang out with. They should value your feelings enough to do this for you. Keep in mind that if you should ever decide you want to get back together with your ex, talking bad about them out there will be a roadblock to that occurring.

Being an advocate for yourself is how to deal with a breakup. You need to be able to decide when you want to go out and when you don’t. You have to be able to decide when you want to date and when you don’t. If you feel ready to start dating again, I check out the Language of Lust review. Only you know what is right for you, so don’t let others tell you what you should do.

Be admirable too when it comes to items your ex gave you. Show respect for them. If they gave you an expensive ring, ask if they would like it back. If you find items that they left at your place, gather them and find a time when you can drop them off, or they can stop over and pick them up. Some of those items may be very valuable to them even if they don’t mean anything at all to you.

Being able to understand how to deal with a breakup is important, and Language of Lust program can help you do that. You can’t go around being mean and nasty to people that you are no longer with. Doing so can prevent other people from wanting to date you. They may think you are just too hard to deal with and they worry how they would be treated should the two of you break up down the road.

Above all, take the time to consider all of your feelings and what has affected them. You may just find out you still have meaningful feelings for your ex and will want to try to resume your relationship!

How to Choose Healthy Diet Foods Part 2

Here we continue on the  topic of how to choose healthy diet foods.  Please read Part 1 first.


The fruit choice in the food list is very limited. Most fruits have a lot of sugar and are not included in the recipes, therefore participants have to choose wisely what fruits to consume when dieting. The four best fruit choices for folks are apple, ½ grapefruit, strawberries and orange. Fruits can be eaten either fresh or fresh frozen. Canned fruits should be avoided in all cases. Two servings of fruits are allowed each day.


The choice of bread products for diet foods is even more limited than fruit. Dieters are only allowed to add either 1 bread stick, 1 cracker or 1 slice of Melba toast to their lunch and dinner food plans.


The most important item in the nutrition list is water. It is very easy to calculate, how much water a Venus Factor weight loss participant should consume each day – just take your body weight in pounds and divide in two. The result is how many ounces of water you should drink. It is definitely more than what average person drinks each day, but it is vital.

Apart from water and mineral water, dieters are also allowed to drink any kind of tea and coffee as well and in any amount. Many people think that drinking that much fluid is dangerous, but it is false. In fact, the nutrition protocol recommends you to drink as much fluids as possible.

What to Avoid

Not only is it important to know what diet meals one is allowed to use when creating eating directions, but it is also vital to know what to avoid and what not to put on your personal daily menu. Basically, all items that contain high fats, complex carbs, sugar or starches are strictly forbidden. It is known that sugar reduces the effectiveness of the immune system for at least 4 hours, thus all products that have sugar or artificial sweeteners, like aspartame, corn syrup, glucose, fructose and such, are to be removed from the recipes. Naturally, all fast food, potato chips, candy, chocolate, ice cream, cakes and sodas should also be avoided at all times. This is normal for any dietary regimen.

Milk is also one of the products that is not considered to be one of the program items. Many people think that milk is very healthy because it not only contains a lot of calcium but also enzymes. However, the milk from supermarkets is usually pasteurized, which kills off most bacteria and makes the milk stay fresh longer. This is not healthy, since milk just basically stays in the stomach and rots. Therefore all milk is not a part of any recommendations. If you want to ensure you get enough calcium and still achieve the best results, you should switch to green leafy vegetables for calcium.

It is very important to remember, that even if you achieve the eating regimen you wanted, you must not return to unhealthy food after you stop preparing weight loss recipes. It is best to add some items to the original snacks list and stay healthy for many years to come, and make sure you don’t need to take any diet ever again.

How to Choose Healthy Diet Foods Part 1

Since 2014, the Venus Factor program has been gaining popularity worldwide. It is described and analyzed in detail in the book Pounds and Inches by John Barban, who is the founder of this diet plan. In a nutshell, by combining the shots or drops with proper foods, the participants are to limit their daily calorie intake to 500 per day, enabling them to quickly lose excess weight.

chicken diet dishIt might seem harsh, especially knowing, that an USDA General Survey has found that an average American consumes about 4,250 calories each day. However, there is a very limited choice of products one is allowed to eat, therefore, a relatively short list of diet recipes. In this piece, you will find out what the approved foods are and how to choose the right products to put on your table.

First of all, there are four groups of products the participants of diet are allowed to consume: protein group, vegetable group, fruit group and breadstick group.


Throughout the diets that are available, protein group is generally ignored. However, protein is an essential part of the meals list and the human body in general. Experts say, that people, whose diet consists of 5 percent of protein to the total amount of calories one consumes, stay healthier and live longer. The dieting protocol states that participants should consume no more than 200 grams of protein each day, dividing this amount between lunch and dinner and choosing two separate diet recipes for both meals.

Some best protein choices for a weight loss include chicken breasts (without bone and skin), white meat, lobster, shrimp, crab, veal, and beef. It is important always to eat different protein sources for lunch and dinner and keep mixing them around. This way you will not only ensure a healthy Venus Factor diet but also avoid using the same recipes over and over again.

Dieters are also allowed to eat red meat, salmon and tuna, but strictly only every 2 to 3 days. It is necessary to note that regardless of which protein source from the approved diet foods you eat, all fat must be carefully removed before preparing food.

Vegetarians might find it problematic to find a good diet dishes since beans and grains contain too much carbohydrates. There is no reason to be distressed – a perfectly good protein source for vegetarians (as well as others) is spinach.


This brings us to the next food group – vegetables. When looking for suitable cuisine, dieters can choose between spinach, chicory, tomatoes, green lettuce, celery, all onions, radish, cucumbers, cabbage, and asparagus. They can be served fresh, fresh frozen or canned. For the best results, the people should choose one vegetable sort for lunch and an entirely different one for dinner.